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Founder & Creative Director

RoseBudz Productions officially launched in a field in Naples, FL in May of 2014 — and by launched, we quite literally mean ‘launched’.  Founder and Creative Director Andrew Budz had an opportunity to get airborne with the original DJI Phantom Drone and jumped on that opportunity hastily.  Originally called ‘Aerial LLC’ Andrew began shooting homes and boats for local realtors and marinas.  He immediately fell in love with the new world of content creation that had been put in front of him.  He quickly began building his education and utility to start a full-production company offering video and audio production, photography, and branding.  With a new direction, the company needed a new name — RoseBudz Productions (named after his dog, Rose) was created.


In every direction we look today, we are immersed in a digital world.  RoseBudz Productions is here to ensure that your message has the content to be heard — not just heard, but to captivate and leave them wanting more.  Who is ‘them’ you ask?  ‘Them’ is your audience, and we capture that audience with industry-leading equipment operated by an educated, artistic eye.  Understanding your story, as well as the composition & delivery is what sets us apart from others.  Making 4K content not only attainable, but affordable.  From the ground or from the air we are confident, excited, and ready to hear from you about how we can help you tell your story.  Contact us by simply clicking Here. 


Social Coordinator

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